Two Weeks in Review--Weeks 7 and 8

I'm a little behind with these reports, but I'm doing much better than last year. :)

I'm going to combine these two weeks:

Bible: Continued study of Psalm 23

Math: We finished with addition and subtraction fact drills as a review week six, and then started BJU Math 2 on week seven. During these two weeks, Riley completed BJU 2 pages 21-38 in the workbook.

Language: We finished the Growing with Grammar first grade section week seven and moved into the second grade section. Riley completed the first grade review and went on to complete GWG lessons 97-102.

Reading: Christian Liberty Press Nature Reader 1 pages 90-106. After Riley read one Cam Jansen mystery, Dan told her that he would give her a prize when she finished ten. She has already read seven in the two weeks time. :) The girl is greatly motivated whenever a "prize" is involved. She has also started reading the Great Illustrated Classics version of Little Women. I'm so glad she loves to read.

History: We are both LOVING Our Young Folks' Josephus! I am learning so much, and Riley always says, "That was good!" when I finish reading. We have just finished the Exodus, Moses' death, Joshua leading into the Promised Land and all the battles. We are moving into the judges, and I have to tell you, I am very excited about our readings for the next couple of weeks. I know that this book alone is not a complete study of Ancients, but I am so glad I chose this route. Over these two weeks we've read chapters 22-26.

Science: We haven't done a ton in science during the last two weeks. I must admit that I am not as fond of Burgess' Bird Book for Children as I previously was. I still think it is a great introduction to birds, and Riley enjoys it. I think I'm just a little burned out from it. Hopefully next week will be better.

Latin: We finished Song School Latin chapter four (review) last week and will move on to chapter five today. Riley loves Latin and so far she is retaining her vocabulary.

Art: Last week Riley studied primary, secondary and tertiary colors and created a beautiful scarecrow with the help of Atelier. This week she created a comic book page with her own characters. She also practiced drawing with a cartoon drawing book we have.

*I'll try to add pictures later.


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