"Wordy as I Want To Be" Wednesday--Allergy Scare

I'm using Meliss' "Wordy as I want to be" on this one, because a photo this sad needs an explanation. We had an allergy scare yesterday and I took this photo to email to my husband and sister-in-law (a nurse). After Benedryl and a nap, all was better, but we are making an appointment with an allergist to determine what triggers these episodes.


Lorna said…
Poor little thing. This can be so frightening. I am so glad she is okay and you are on your way to finding out what it is.
LisaWA said…
poor girl! That can be a bit scary... Hope you find out soon what it was... so it wont happen again...

I agree, that one just couldnt be wordless... we would all be asking anyway... *Ü*

Prayers and hugs...


Happy WW~
Daisy said…
Ouch!! That looks so horrible. I hope she is feeling better today.
Melissa said…
I know it was awful to go through this, but I have to say, she has a doll-face even when she's not well. Cutie. Hope she's better!!
Melkhi said…
Sometimes pictures just demand explanations! Hurray for benadryl! I hope you can figure out what is the cause.

My daughter told me that I could share this picture with your daughter: http://www.flickr.com/photos/melkhi/465499904/?edited=1
Even her eyeballs were swollen after she picked some dandelions.

And here is a pic of my son from last summer:
I'm pretty sure it was a bug bite.

Your daughter has such beautiful brown eyes!
Urban Mom said…
Poor little cutie! Hope that all is well now (and remains that way!).
Oh my, Dawn!!! How often does this happen! Glad to see your blog, it is great!

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