Green Hour Challenge Number 2

Barb suggests 10-15 minute Nature walks for each assignment. I have been hesitant to post this one due to the fact that our last nature walk was probably 6 minutes at the most. :) It was cold. Of course, cold is a relative term....this isn't the arctic or even up north where it snows, but for this Southern gal it was cold. I also had a little man in tow to consider.
However, we did as Barb suggested and were very quiet for that time. Even 6 minutes of quiet around here is amazing. We found that a great deal of daffodils have sprung to life around the first little few that we saw the week before.

One word to describe something she heard: "windy"
Two words to describe something she saw: "flower bed"
Three words to describe something she felt: "delicate flower petals"


my5wolfcubs said…
Good for you -- you took the challenge and got outside! Which is more then I can say. Well, we've been outside...just not appreciating nature quietly. :)

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