Belated Week in Review

Towards the end of last week I was battling a bug of some sort, so I didn't cover everything that I had wanted. We did have a full week, nonetheless.

In Bible we studied about Daniel and the Lions, Esther and the return to Israel.
Riley completed Primary Phonics workbook 2 pages 26 through 33, and Bob Jones University Math 1 lessons 70 through 72, workbook pages 139 through 144. She also completed lessons 16 through 18 of Growing with Grammar.

I began reading 100 Dresses by Eleanor Estes as a nightly read-aloud. Today I am putting in an order for Princess Bride per Dad's request. He will begin reading that to her when it arrives and when we have finished our current book.

We worked on our science study but continued with the senses for an extra week instead of moving on to the next system.

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kathleen said…
Dawn, hope all is well with yall on this windy, rainy day. I've been thinking about you because I know your chimney howls! See you tomorrow girl!love, kathleen

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