The First Day of School

Quietly today we ushered in Riley's first grade year. It was a great day. Riley completed three pages of math front and back. After one page she exclaimed, "Can I do more math? I love it! Maybe I'll just do all math today." Eventually I was able to persuade her to move on to other subjects. She did a couple of pages in Growing with Grammar, practiced handwriting with Classically Cursive, and read several pages of Christian Liberty Press' Nature Reader 1 aloud to me. I read the first chapter of the Burgess Bird Book to her, and we then looked at pictures of wrens and listened to their songs and calls on the internet. She listened to the first few chapters of the Story of the World on CD as she played in her room. I am using a different spine for history this year--Our Young Folks' Josephus--but want her to benefit from this text as well. We will be adding more later, but for now this is a good and gentle introduction for the year.


MB Sponski said…
We started this week, too. The kids are enjoying the Growing with Grammar...thanks for the suggestion. I am also starting Jonathan on Susan Wise Bauer's new writing curric. Should be waiting for me when I get home. Wish you guys lived closer to me in CA.

Blessings...I love your posts and look forward to reading new ones each week.


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