Why you may not receive a Christmas photo from our family.

Also entitled, "Why only professionals should take Christmas photos." If blogger would allow me to post them all, you would see why I was ready to both throw in the towel and throw the camera. I admit that I am not the best photographer in the world, but 51 shots all with his eyes closed? This boy is out to get me! In the end, as you can see, I lost them both.


Melkhi said…
I doubt the professionals could do better! We just got back from doing Target portraits. The photographer couldn't get our 16 mo. old to smile at all.

Just an idea ~ you could take a picture of your daughter and son playing with a toy in front of the tree. Your son wouldn't be looking at the camera, but you might get a cute shot of him looking down at the toy.

I'm sorry your little guy didn't cooperate! They still would be a hilarious shots for the scrapbook.

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