Origin of a name

I think that the name of one's blog says a lot about oneself. So, let me tell you a little bit about how I chose "Picking up Pebbles."

One of my absolute favorite books is Hinds' Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. This is an allegory of a woman's spiritual journey closer to God. Though it doesn't with everyone, this book resonated with me so deeply. I identified with Much-Afraid, the main character, in many ways.

Now to the title of my blog: As Much-Afraid learns new lessons on her journey and experiences God (the Shepherd) in deeper ways, she picks up pebbles to keep as reminders. Here is an excerpt from the book. First, a little context for those of you who haven't read the book: Much-Afraid has just spent time in the desert--a lonely, harsh place. At the end of her stay she discovers a lonely little yellow flower receiving sustanance (water) from an odd contraption, one drip at a time. When she asks the flower's name, she is told, "Acceptance-with-Joy." Hence the epiphany she subsequently has.

"He has brought me here when I did not want
to come for his own purpose. I, too, will look
up into his face and say, "Behold me! I am thy
little handmaiden Acceptance-with-Joy."'
Then she stooped down and picked up a pebble
which was lying in the sand beside the flower
and put it in the purse with the first altar stone.

It will be my ambition here to share with you some of the pebbles that I have and will pick up along the way. It is my desire to be His little handmaiden Acceptance-with-Joy, though most days I act more like Hey-This-Isn't-What-I'd-Planned. So, join me on my journey, if you will. And, please do me a favor, go read Hinds' Feet if you haven't already. I can almost promise you will be blessed.


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