To Blog Again

I was never very consistent at keeping a blog, but, when Facebook came along, I became even more inconsistent. I found it much easier to hang out in Facebook-land, posting witty status updates and mindlessly watching the ever rolling scroll of news feed. It felt like a ever-flowing stream of connection with the outside world. Being a stay-at-home mom can be a lonely existence. Having the steady flow of communication made me feel less alone.

It was very fun, for a time, but that time is no more. Facebook has changed from a community to a collection of soapboxes. The political season surrounding the 2016 election was excruciating on Facebook. Slowly, Facebook ceased to be about community and became about causes, grievances, and venting. 

My problem with Facebook runs deeper than that, though. I find myself unable to moderate my time there. I go online "just to check" something, and end up lost for a couple of hours. With a smartphone in my hand for most of the day, it's too easy to pull up Facebook just to see if there is anything new.

And so, though Facebook once trumped blog, I am now feeling the tide turn. I want to breathe life back into this old blog so that I can escape Facebook while still keeping a lifeline of connection to friends and family. I also want to have a form of accountability for our homeschool next year. For the past few years, we have been part of a wonderful homeschool program an hour away from home, but we will not be participating in it next year. Consequently, we will need some way of gauging our progress and staying on course for the year. I plan to post weekly homeschool updates next year for that very purpose. This summer I will begin the transition into more time here and try to post regularly in preparation for the upcoming school year.


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