Bible Memorization Made Easy

I am very excited to tell you about a new product I was able to review. The title of the curriculum is Bible Memorization Made Easy, and there are currently four books available to aid in the memorization of the Sermon on the Mount, selected Psalms, Galatians, and Ephesians. This material is created for 6th grade and older. Currently the books are only available with scripture in the King James Version.

The edition I chose to review was Memorize the Psalms for Praying. This curriculum contains 24 weeks worth of daily lessons. The psalms to be memorized are 1, 8, 23, 27, 51, 91, 121, and 139. The setup is both simple and ingenious. Each week follows a pattern. During the course of the week, the student will read the passage multiple times, both aloud and silently. They will meditate on the passage and make sure that they understand it. If necessary, they are prompted to look up words that are unfamiliar. The student also writes the passage completely several times and fills in the blanks to complete the verse. As I said, this is a simple pattern, but a very effective one.

I have always wanted to make scripture memorization a priority. I'm blessed with a student who has an excellent memory. However, on my own I could never put together a consistent routine towards memorization of the Word. This program provides that consistency and more, in an easy to follow layout. I was astonished by how quickly my daughter responded to this method, and by the third day of the first week she already had the passage memorized. The author also takes this to a new depth with all the meditation built in. This leads to a true hiding of the Word in the heart as opposed to a superficial, temporary memorization.

I was given this material to review in exchange for an honest review. I can say without reservation that I highly recommend this material to any parent interested in making scripture memorization a priority. I loved it so much that I immediately bought the other three books as soon as they became available. You can also purchase them at Brookdale House and receive 20% off by using the coupon code 20percent.


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