What We're Using for Bible

My daughter and I are working through The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study by Starr Meade. This program will last us for several years, probably. We started with the New Testament section since we have already spent a lot of time in the Old Testament stories. The workbook offers valuable introductory information for each book and highlights major points of each chapter to ensure comprehension is occurring. The program is a survey of both the Old and New Testaments, and by the end of the program the student will have studied all the books of the Bible.

Recently we've gotten the opportunity to review an soon-to-be-released Bible memorization material. I am excited about it and can't wait to review it in late February.

One of my very favorite Bible materials is My Father's World First Grade. MFW First Grade is a complete program, but I've only ever used the Bible portion. I used this with my daughter and loved it. Now I'm using it again with my son. The Bible portion of this program includes Bible stories in the teacher guide to read to the student, a Bible reader with the stories for the student to read themselves, and a Student Bible Notebook with space for an illustration and copywork for each story. These multiple approaches to studying the story provide a great foundation for any student. 


Beth Hollmann said…
I have those books by Starr Meade, and I'm glad to hear you like them! I was going to use them with the girls this year, but then I decided to use AO's Bible reading plan. That didn't work out so well, and now we have "Moravian Daily Texts," which are daily scheduled readings, and that's going well. I think I will take another look at those workbooks, though, and see if I can spread them out over 4 years for Emma, since she will be in high school next year. *gulp*

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