A Few of My Favorite Things: Supplements

Over the years I have found products that I have loved, and it is my pleasure to share them with you. Although many of these will likely be familiar, hopefully along the way there will be new treasures for you.

We find ourselves in the car...often. Whether we're shuttling to activities or going on road trips, lots of time is spent in the car. It is always a plus to find ways to continue the educational experience during these drives. These trips become an exciting learning experience when I pop in a Jim Weiss cd. Greathall Productions has an ample selection of cds from a variety of historic time periods as well as cds just for fun. My children adore Jim Weiss' storytelling. I have an active six-year-old boy who rarely pauses long enough to pay attention, but he will sit transfixed listening to these stories. What's even better is my children are not the only ones who enjoy them. Sometimes you suffer through mind-numbing "entertainment" for the sake of peace from the backseat; however, my husband and I love these cds as well and have learned many new things through listening along with the kids.

We own quite a collection of these...at least twenty...and my children are always so excited to receive a new one. I hesitate to offer favorites as we can think of none we did not like; however, if forced to choose, I would say Gone West, Thomas Jefferson's America, and Masters of the Renaissance. My daughter had an equally difficult time narrowing the list to a favorite, but finally decided on the Greek Myth cds.

When we were studying American History, some of the recommended reading failed to inspire. I wanted to find a presentation that was balanced, chronological, and compelling. Thankfully The American Story series was recommended on a forum I frequent. These books by Betsy and Giulio Maestro met and surpassed that desire. These books are beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully written. Though I may have disagreed with some viewpoints, I found the books to be balanced. They are best suited for the grammar stage, early elementary, and provide an excellent introduction to American History. Currently the volumes cover Prehistory through 1815.


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