Back to School Time!

The season is upon us. It is time to once again gear up for another school year. I had planned to continue schooling through the summer, but we tossed those plans. We needed a break, and, since we had finished all planned work, we gave ourselves that break. Now it is time to begin again.

I haven't decided on an exact start date. We would have started this week except that Riley has two days of Cottonlandia Discovery Summer classes next week. We will also be leaving on Thursday for a mini-vacation. Starting and having to stop so soon would be impractical. So, we will probably begin on Aug. 5th. When we get back in the swing of things I will be posting more. There have been even more changes to our curriculum plans for the upcoming year, but I will hold off on posting them until we actually begin. Until we start, things are open for change--especially since that mini-vacation includes a trip to a huge Homeschool Expo. I am just hoping my head doesn't ex- or implode upon entering so large a space filled with curriculum and books. I am pretty content in my current plan...but there are a couple of subjects I am still researching.

So...stay tuned for the exciting adventures that are sure to follow as we begin this new school year.


krazzymommy said…
oohhh...have fun!

Can't wait to hear more. :)

I probably should be - but don't really want to think about school just yet. You are SO motivated! :) Hope you are having a great summer! Read any good books lately?! :)

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