We took today off because I have not felt well for the past couple of days. Consequently we did not get to Latin this week. I am hopeful, though, that we will complete chapter 8 sometime over the weekend.

Look at that beautiful fairy. A new paint-your-own-pottery shop has opened up in town, and I decided to take Riley last week. She did a great job painting this cute little fairy. I had to come in and do a little finish work as she got tired in the end and didn't like having to go over everything three times. We both tried to do the eyelashes before finally letting the expert take over, and the shop owner was kind enough to "fix" those for us.

Bible: We have finished our Psalm 23 study and are reviewing the memorization of the chapter. I am a little uncertain where we will go next. I have some Bible Scribe materials and a Quiet Time cd from Hold That Thought that I will be looking at this weekend.

Math: BJU Math 2 workbook pages 71-88; flash cards for review of addition facts

Language: Growing with Grammar lessons 114-123: Riley has been working on capitalization and singular/plural nouns

Reading: Second Reader pages 10-47: I love this book! We have moved past renditions of Aesop's fables through poems by Mother Goose and into fairy tales.

Handwriting: Week 12 I had Riley work on copying the months of the year and the continents. Starting in week 13, I have been writing several lines from her reading for her to copy each day.

History: Our Young Folks' Josephus chapters 32-36

Latin: Song School Latin Chapter 7

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Bethany said…
There is a paint your own pottery shop in Greenwood??? Wow. Great job on the fairy.

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